miercuri, 16 august 2017

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Inner Consulting Group is one of the key players in the CATV, DTH and IPTV TV industry in Romania.
Our clients, channels that are interested in being carried to 6.5M+ homes in the region, benefit from our services on a quarterly commission or on a monthly flat fee agreement.


For our clients we:

  1. Identify CATV, DTH, IPTV operators within the Territory who could potentially distribute the Channel with a view to maximizing the fees.
  2. Act as a point of contact with operators, National Council of Audiovisual, The Ministry of Communications and Technology on a daily basis including handling enquiries from operators, providing advice and assistance.
  3. Act in co-operation with the channel and any local companies appointed by the channel, and implement sales-oriented marketing strategy.
  4. Attend regular meetings (if relevant), National Cable Conference included, to ensure co-ordination of activities and appropriate exchange of information.
  5. Actively arrange meetings and sales presentations with operators, provide relevant advice and assistance, ongoing liaison and follow-up meetings and dialogue, all necessary support to maximize the chance to secure carriage contracts.
  6. Negotiate with operators according to the channel's rate card in order to achieve the most beneficial economic revenue stream as well as the maximum number of subscribers.
  7. Provide and manage the channel's standard form of contracts, in connection with the distribution of the channel.
  8. Inform the channel immediately in the event that any operator tends to deviate from the terms of the standard agreement.
  9. Handle conditional access modules and viewing cards delivered by the channel for the purpose of decrypting the channel.
  10. Use our best endeavors to collect subscriber numbers from operators.
  11. Collect subscriber number reports.
  12. Distribute invoices to operators.
  13. Assist the channel in administering and monitoring the payment of license fees.
  14. Assist the channel in notifying operators of late payment and assist on debt collection.

Our localization services:

We are able to provide complete language customization (subtitling) in Romanian language.


More information about us you can find here  - ICG&BCG